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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our product and billing

As the name says, a digital menu is a restaurant or bar food menu but on a website. Your clients can scan the QR code with their phone's camera.

First sign up for a partners subscription and create a restaurant location. After that, you'll be able to create a new menu in the "Menu maker" section.

There you're able to add categories and items with their corresponding image and information.

You won't be billed during your trial period. When it ends, you will be billed for a monthly or yearly plan; depending on what you've selected.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription before or after the 14-day free trial. In the partners panel go to settings, select "Billing", and cancel your account on the Stripe panel. If you're in the middle of a subscription, it will be canceled until the ongoing period ends.

Most PDF file menus from restaurants have a considerable file size, and downloading it can be very slow and waste more than 40 MB of cellular data. Also, this could become tedious when changing or updating prices or images.

With Menuffy, you can have a beautiful responsive and light website with faster load times, a personalized URL, and a panel to add, delete, or change the order of categories to see the result instantly.

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