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Get a custom subdomain

Your restaurant gets a custom subdomain to access all your menus from different locations are listed.

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Print and share your QR Codes

We provide you with unlimited printable QR codes that your customers can scan.

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Why Menuffy?

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Easy to use

  • Generate multiple restaurant locations
  • Upload images from your dishes
  • Add unlimited categories
  • Add unlimited items per category
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Level up your online presence

  • Share or scan your restaurant's custom subdomain link
  • Reinforce your brand by personalizing your restaurant's profile
  • Receive direct payments (coming soon)
  • Save on printing costs
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Improve your customer experience

  • No more heavy PDF files as your menu
  • Completely responsive design for mobile devices
  • Always up-to-date dishes and categories in seconds
  • Contactless service
  • SEO friendly

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